Learn all about Riverside’s Alquimia Mural

The Riverside BIA is happy to announce that it’s 2019 Mural ‘Alquimia’ is completed!!

Riverside 2019 Mural Alquimia

Collage of the Riverside 2019 Mural Alquimia

It was an amazing process from engaging the community, choosing the wall and getting it approved, applying for the City of Toronto Mural Grant, and getting everything together to create this colourfull and vibrant mural!

About the 2019 Mural – Alquimia

‘Alquimia’ (spanish for ‘alchemy’) is a mural in a semi-abstract style. Paying homage to the Riverside neighbourhood, the mural is an interpretation of the quote “This river I step in is not the river I stand in” that speaks of the inevitable nature of all things: Alchemy and change.  Everything moves. Everything transforms into something else.

It is a connection to the past while celebrating its future, progress and growth of the community.

Through the use of vibrant colour palettes,  the aim is to inject light and energy, hoping to make everyone feel welcome and uplifted, while transforming the corner into a space of mental elevation for everyone.

About the Mural Artist

Jacquie Comrie is a multidisciplinary Toronto-based artist and mental health advocate.

Whether as murals on buildings, large scale structures, or canvases, her body of work is a dynamic exploration of colour as a universal language of human emotion. With mental health issues on the rise across the globe, her goal is to continue creating inclusive, colourful spaces of mental reset to ultimately help improve the lives of all individuals, one wall at a time.
To learn more about Jacquie, visit her website www.jacquiecomrie.com

Thank You to the Businesses Involved!

A special thanks to Pizza Nova who provided the wall space and continuous support throughout the ideation process. Thank you to Anjuli Solanki who through her leadership during the Riverside Public Art Walk engaged the community in the mural’s design. Thank you to Riverside BIA’s Streetscape Committee for all of the hard work and time volunteered in the planning process for the mural. And thank you to the City of Toronto funding the project.

While strolling through Riverside check out the mural, feel uplifted and take some selfies, enjoy some photos… don’t forget to tag us #RiversideTO

2019 Riverside Mural Alquimia 2019 Riverside Mural Alquimia 2019 Riverside Mural Alquimia 2019 Riverside Mural Alquimia 2019 Riverside Mural Alquimia