A New Bike Shop in the Hood: SWITCHBACK Cyclery

Take your bike and cycle away in Riverside and check out the new SWITCHBACK Cyclery Bike Shop!

On June 2013, SWITCHBACK Cyclery a bike shop located at 651 Queen Street East in Toronto’s Riverside Neighbourhood has opened with a wide selection of bikes and accessories for sale in a warm and welcoming service environment. No more going far out of your way just to visit a bike shop that can help you fix a few things.


With a concept of a pit stop, Switchback Cyclery aim to help ‘bike to work’ bikers by offering quick and fast services and repairs during rush hour. Other than providing fast services to those on their way to work and need a quick fix for their bike to avoid making them coming late to work, they also do custom built bikes. You can choose every single detail that you want on your bike and Switchback Cyclery will deliver.


Under the umbrella of Sanctuary Ministries, Switchback Cyclery offers not only great bikes and services but also an opportunity for members of the Sanctuary community to work together in this exciting enterprise and access employment opportunities. It took more than a year of planning and hard work to apply for a grant with an awarded funding that takes them to where they are now.

Sanctuary is a Christian charitable Organization that seeks to establish and develop holistic, inclusive and healthy community. They welcome people who have, for the most part, known only rejection and abuse. Reaching out to a downtown neighborhood plagued with homelessness, drugs, prostitution, unemployment and AIDS and offer dignity, support and direction to people who want to reclaim healthy, meaningful lives.

With the need for this type of organization continually on the rise, they are looking forward to pursue further developments and expand their services to the community by facilitating an outlet such as Switchback to channel their member’s skills and expertise.

Currently, Switchback’s Soft Opening hours are Monday – Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturday from 10am-6pm. But don’t miss out on their Grand opening in August 11th, 2013 and they are officially open they will be open from 7.30am-7pm. Furthermore, there will be classes in the future for people who would like to know more about taking care of their bikes.

Check out their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com.SwitchbackCyclery

Or their website at: www.switchbackcyclery.ca