Olive & Olives Rainbow themed salad workshops

On Saturday June 7th for the Eats and Beats Festival- A World Pride affiliate event, Olive & Olives will be hosting a healthy and delicious cooking workshop that will be sure to both introduce you to a new way to cook and include fun and vibrant colors!

Olive oil has been recognized as a contributor to healthy hearts and longevity. Taste and learn how to incorporate this exquisite and luscious ingredient into easy everyday meals and treats. Join us at our Eats & Beats StreetFEST for a free mini cooking class at 1pm and 3pm, showcasing on how you can mix a diversity of foods and top it off with olive oil. If June 7th doesn’t work for you sign up for a cooking lesson! There is one every month at 779 Queen Street East. Sign up for the June 7th workshop here

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Olive & Olives sells the best olive oil in town! They buy directly from their producers ensuring the highest quality and have very knowledgeable staff. Anyone at the store will be happy to recommend an oil for any occasion whether it be for everyday use or a special event. If you disagree with their expert opinion feel free to use their tasting bar anytime, but keep in mind we are confident you’ll agree!

Olive & Olives likes to keep things interesting with different monthly themes. We are looking forward to the new theme, Cocktail Hour! Hurry in because it is Olive & Olives 10th anniversary and they have some stellar sales going on, but they won’t last long. Or if you don’t want to hurry in give them a call (416) 551-8181 any order over 50 dollars has free delivery.

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Olive & Olives head office is in Montreal however the Riverside couldn’t be happier that one of their locations is on Queen Street. They are open 7 days a week for all your oil purchasing needs!


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DON VALLEY STOMPERS to perform at Eats & Beats in Riverside Street Fest!

As part of Eats & Beatsin Riverside’s  Big Horn Beats on Saulter, DON VALLEY STOMPERS will be performing at Saulter Street from 1:00pm- 3:30pm. This is truly fitting since Riverside Toronto western edge is along the Don Valley.


Picture taken from Walking Women blog

Fresh music with Toronto’s local jazz band the Don Valley Stompers, a powerful 7 piece band that play in the New Orleans dancehall tradition. This high energy band takes old-time jazz seriously – they even have a Sousaphone – and clearly intend to carry the tradition into the future, while enjoying themselves immensely.


Don Valley Stompers in New Orleans. Photo by Brian Towers

Don Valley Stompers in New Orleans. Photo by Brian Towers

With Juno nominee Rob Teehan and other blow-your-socks-off band members, this 1pm free street concert is one that you don’t want to miss. Literally, they are going to be performing acoustically as their sound is so powerful they won’t need any amplification!

Want a pre-event taste? Click HERE to hear a live You Tube recording of the Don Valley Stompers.


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Get Ready to Levitate and Experience a Yoga Like No Other!

During Eats & Beats in Riverside Flying Yogi will once again be demonstrating their unique yoga suspension at the Saulter, Big Horn Beats street closure. This is one of the many fun activities happening on Saulter street during Eats & Beats in Riverside.

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THE FLYING YOGI, is Canada’s first Suspension Yoga Studio, offers Suspension Yoga classes that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

536059_406322562745451_2076393846_n (1)

With the support of the revolutionary OmGym Suspension System, the world’s most versatile, multi-purpose yoga sling, Suspension Yoga combines traditional yoga poses with resistance training, aerobatics and gymnastics for a super fun workout.  Stop by their stand in Saulter street to “hang out” and you’ll discover the fun as well as the amazing health benefits that suspended inversions have to offer!

Aerial movements will help to decompress your spine, strengthen your core and increase flexibility with the deepest most delicious stretches imaginable.  After only a couple of minutes of inverting with the OmGym Suspension Yoga sling, you will be guaranteed to feel exhilarated, refreshed, and possibly even taller!

Be sure to check out their Studio location: 245 Carlaw Ave., Suite 007 Toronto. Tel: 647-993-YOGI (9644)   email: info@theflyingyogi.ca www.theflyingyogi.ca


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Quince Flowers & The Happiness Block Party on Munro Street

From 2:00- 6:00pm Oma Chiropractic & Quince Flowers are bringing together people from their circles and yours for the sheer fun of it during the Happiness Block Party on Munro Street Plus, they are celebrating the launching QT, a new venture by Quince Flowers. Relax your body, put flowers in your hair, and enjoy the musical styling of The Woodshed Orchestra and the sound of children’s laughter. Smiles and hugs are free!

During Eats & Beats Munro street will be running a tea and sympathy garden. This means you’re welcome to stop in for tea in a delightful calming atmosphere, and share your worries with a lovely elder.  On your way out you can expect a free hug! But be wary, if you don’t accept a hug you may get tickled with feathers. Also set up at this delight filled party, will be Choco Soul vendors, who will tantilize your senses with mouth-watering horizontally traded chocolate.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the QT truck! It will be on the streets for Eats & Beats to help you fill your flower craving. With QT – call Quince flowers (416)-594-1414 with an order, and they will happily deliver it to your house. Be on the lookout for new sales at Quince Flowers because there will be some big ones following Eats & Beats!

Quince Flowers Riverside Oma Chiropractic

Quince Flowers 

Truly, Quince Flowers is the place to be if you need designer flowers. From roses to tulips to their iconic succulent plant balls, Quince Flowers has everything your heart desires. Come by 660 Queen Street East on July 7th for the Eats & Beats festival to get fantastic flowers as well as participate in a variety of family friendly activities including Beach Balls, Hula Hooping, and Bubble Blowing.

Quince Flowers is dedicated to making you happy. They care about their customers and their well-being. Quince Flowers is proud to say that they find the best quality flowers that are out there. Next time you’re in the neighbourhood stop on in; or if you don’t want to leave your house give them a call and the QT truck will be over within 24 hours!

Partnering in this happy party is Oma Chiropractic. Oma Chiropractic is a practice of doctors and health practitioners who take a holistic more natural approach to caring for yourself. Oma Chiropractic focuses on building health by releasing tension, improving function and increasing resilience through hands-on personalized care. They want you to feel so good under their care that, symptomatic or not you make Oma a part of your regular wellness routine.

Quince Flowers Riverside Oma Chiropractic

Oma Chiropractic


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TTC Queen Street East Construction – May- June 2014

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Rail Replacements at Streetcar Stops on Queen Street East

Mid-May to Mid-July 2014

During this year’s major track work at the intersections of Queen/Leslie (May 11 to June 21*) and Queen/Broadview (June 30 July 25), the TTC will also be replacing worn rail at various streetcar stops along Queen Street East between Jones Avenue and Parliament Street.

During the scheduled Leslie/Queen and Broadview/Queen work, streetcars will be diverting north to Gerrard Street East, while buses will run on Queen Street with a minor diversion via Dundas Street East.

The TTC is committed to minimizing disruption to the community and will take advantage of the streetcar diversions that will be put in place for the two intersection projects. Coordinating this required work will reduce the duration of impacts to streetcar service on Queen Street East as much as possible.


The stop rail replacement work will be conducted during the weekdays and weekends.

Generally, the work at each of the stop location will take between 3 to 4 days to complete.

While this work is scheduled to be conducted during the daytime, some evening work may be required.

Traffic lanes will be reduced at each location to create a safe work zone, and on-street parking will be temporarily restricted within the work areas.


Table title:Queen Streetcar Stop Rail Replacement Locations
Street Direction Timeline
Street:Booth Avenue Direction:West Timeline:May 12 – 15
Street:Logan Avenue Direction:East Timeline:May 20 – 23
Street:Logan Avenue Direction:West Timeline:May 26 – 29
Street:Brooklyn Avenue Direction:East Timeline:May 30 – June 2
Street:Brooklyn Avenue Direction:West Timeline:June 3 – 6
Street:Carlaw Avenue Direction:East Timeline:June 19 – 22
Street:Caroll Street Direction:West Timeline:July 1 – 4
Street:River Street Direction:East Timeline:July 10 – 13
Street:River Street Direction:West Timeline:July 14 – 17
Street:Tracy Street Direction:East Timeline:July 21 – 24
table sub-title:Three additional stops will be considered if time permits
Street:Bright Street Direction:East Timeline:TBD
Street:Pape Avenue Direction:East Timeline:TBD
Street:Sackville Street Direction:West Timeline:TBD
Note: There is no track work planned in this area from June 22 to June 30.


What to expect

Break/remove concrete to expose the rail along length of the streetcar stop (approx. 36m). Remove and replace rail, and place new concrete. Set to cure. The track allowance beyond the active work zones will be used for equipment and material storage.

The TTC regrets any inconvenience resulting from the track work. Efforts will be made to complete the work within the scheduled timelines while streetcars are diverting north to Gerrard Street East.


A new explainer video takes viewers through the Queen Street East intersection work Youtube link opens in new window and shows TTC customers, as well as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians how to get around during construction.

Planned closures are as follows:

Leslie St. and Queen St. E. – May 11-June 21: Replace 80 year-old water mains and install new streetcar tracks to connect to the Leslie Barns, the storage and maintenance facility being built to house Toronto’s new low-floor streetcars.

Victoria St. and Queen St. E. – May 11- 31:  Replace tracks and switches.

Broadview Ave. and Queen St. E. – June 30- July 25:  Replace tracks and switches.

The 501 Queen streetcar, and 504 King streetcar during the Broadview Ave. and Queen St. E. intersection closure, will divert during this work. Frequent replacement bus service will be provided along Queen St. E. between Coxwell Ave. and River St. Increased north-south bus service on Greenwood, Jones and Pape Aves. will help get customers to and from Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth) should they opt to take the subway.

The TTC, and the Leslieville and Riverside BIAs, remind everyone that businesses remain open, and encourage residents to continue to support local business during construction.

The TTC thanks its customers and the local community for their patience as we work to improve transit in Toronto.


Map of TTC closures along Queen St E

The streetcar diversion between Spadina and Church.

Several other streetcar routes, including 301 Queen, 502 Downtowner and 503 Kinstord, will be replaced by bus service.

Queen Street East and Broadview Avenue will be closed from June 30 to July 27 while track is replaced.

Part of the diversion is to create a route to the new streetcar facility at the bottom of Leslie. The TTC is laying down new track and replacing a water main, working with the city.

Queen E. streetcar diversionThe diversion to Gerrard St. East will add 12 minutes to the trip. (TTC)