Every Brick has a Story to tell…

In Riverside Toronto, there is a plethora of historic buildings and a layered history of the urban planning and development starting from before the 1800s.

Detailing of Jilly's brick

Detailing of Jilly’s brick

Ever wonder how certain buildings were built? How did people build structures without contemporary tools? Are there reasons why you see an abundance of some materials over others, and most intriguingly, what are the politics and back stories behind what was built in riverside, and what never ended up materialising. 

Scadding Cabin Plaque

Scadding Cabin Plaque

This Walk is a collection of stories behind the urban planning that shaped both Riverside and had an impact on the wider city of Toronto. From Toronto’s first house – Scadding Cabin – gracing the Riverside boundary, the Opera House being a vaudeville hot spot, the artisanal process of making the signature Riverside bricks, to the development to Don Mount Court/Rivertowne community – Canada’s first mixed-income development.


The Opera House – former Vaudeville Haunt

This fascinating walk will be led by two knowledgeable East-siders:

Adrian Lightstone, local resident, engineering/architectural economist, and overall urbanist, he has contributed to Spacing Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and Toronto Star on urban planning related issues.

Edward Keenan is the author of “Some Great Idea: Good Neighbourhoods, Crazy Politics and the Invention of Toronto” and writes columns about city politics, planning and life for The Grid, The Toronto Star, and Spacing. He spent his childhood living in Riverside.

Space is limited. Register now and get inspired: https://riversidewalkfest2013.eventbrite.com

Riverside WalkFEST was possible due to generous sponsorship from Streetcar.

Be Riverside’s “Top Dog” on the Dog/Fitness Walk

Riverside ‘Top Dog’ Challenge

Dog image

 At 9am on Oct 26th start the day with an “amazing race” style “walk” that allows you to explore neighbourhood parkettes, tests your mental agility and your dog’s skills.

Woman walking her dog in the park

Plus…. You’ll get swag bags, finish with Pizza from Pizziaolo and healthy snacks from Oma Chiropractic and the chance for your dog to be Riverside’s TOP DOG!


Put on by Oma Chiropractic, EnergyXchange, and Fit Dogs

Register for the Dog/ Fitness Walk at: www.riversidewalkfest2013.eventbrite.com

Riverside WalkFEST was possible due to generous sponsorship from Streetcar.

Olive & Olive Cooking Demos with Chef Av Atkian

olive & olives  2

Join Chef Av Atkian for a Catalan tapas demo at Olive & Olives 779 Queen St. E. on Oct 26th during the Riverside WalkFEST

The two tasty appetizers that you will learn how to create are:
Catalan Pan Con Tomate – garlic rubbed toasted bread with grated fresh tomato, olive oil and salt.

Stuffed sautéed olive with Manchego cheese, wrapped with Serrano ham and glazed with Ferianes Arrope.
Space is limited so be sure to sign up for your spot.

Chef & Restaurateur, Av Atikian
Av Atikian’s career spans 35 years in the restaurant industry. Being raised in a Middle Eastern family, hospitality and the making and sharing of food was central to his development as a chef and restaurateur. A passion for cuisine and wine has led this Chef/ Sommelier to TV appearances, charity functions and cooking competitions as well as opening his own restaurant, JAMcafe.

Av has also established relationships with wine merchants, and wineries, resulting in exquisite collaborations. This paired with his lucid use of intense flavours and traditional technique has fostered a loyal clientelle and critical acclaim.
Av continues to design and host tastings and pairing dinners and is pursuing a new business venture showcasing his cuisine and flair.

Sign up for your spot at: https://riversidewalkfest2013.eventbrite.com

Get To Know Some Behind The Scenes Design Tips & Tricks on This Inspiring Walk!

The Covet Garden team is super excited to be leading this year’s Riverside WalkFEST’s  Art, Fashion & Design Walk.  Just as covetgarden.com aims to take a peek into the homes of Toronto’s creative community, the goal of this year’s Art, Fashion & Design Walk is to take a peek into the backrooms of our favourite Riverside boutiques.


Covet Garden back issue

Not only do we want to share the amazing array of design resources available in the neighbourhood, we want to show that shop owners can help you solve all of your design dilemmas.


Quince Flowers floral arrangement

It’s our second year at the event and we’re keen to delve even deeper into the trade secrets of local art, home and fashion stores. We’ll be visiting a wide range of shops and services including Quince Flowers, Dimensions Framing, The Artists’ Network, Silhouette Tailoring, macFAB, Bergström Originals, Here & Now, Common Sort, Vintage Vibes and Kimberly Jackson. All are independent businesses and all are willing and able to provide advice as well as some mighty fine objects.

mac fab

macFAB home & fabric store


 And Covet Garden will be along for the ride to introduce you to these great businesses and to maybe pick up a few new design tricks ourselves!


Kimberly Jackson hutch

Kimberly Jackson hutch

Covet Garden is for folks who are curious about real spaces. We take a peek into the homes and lives of some of the city’s most interesting people—spaces that have not been styled by interior decorators. Covet Garden is inspirational, not aspirational.

Space is limited. Register now and get inspired: https://riversidewalkfest2013.eventbrite.com

Riverside WalkFEST was possible due to generous sponsorship from Streetcar.

Ralph Thornton Centre’s Murder Mystery Fundraiser





MMEventHeader10x14 (1)

A Precursor to the Riverside WalkFEST – Riverside WalkFEST’s Charity Partner, the Ralph Thornton Centre (RTC) is holding their annual fundraiser. This year it’s gonna be a howl…  plus get your Halloween dress up fix by being a 1920s Great Gatsby themed character.

Step back in time to the Roaring 20s and join the Ralph Thornton Centre for a special Murder Mystery ‘Mingle’ Fundraiser celebrating the RTC’s renewal and commitment to the community. Get dolled-up and head over to the RTC joint for some jazzy tunes, flappers, hors d’ouevres, specialy drinks and lots of mystery! 


Here’s the Skinny (ya know? The Scene):

The Roaring 20′s are in full swing, giving birth to the rise of jazz music, flappers and, with the end of the war, a renewed feeling of hope and joviality! It’s the era of prohibition, and organized crime is at an all-time high. Whoopee!

The RTC Club is one of just two Speakeasy joints in town, fighting prohibition by serving giggle water* illegally (shhh!) and offering patrons the type of fun that can only be had when the sun goes down – no wet blankets allowed! Despite the constant threat of a raid, biz at The RTC Club is lucrative. Guys and dolls stream in night after night.

When a flapper is found shot to death outside the club, management and loyal patrons of The RTC Club scramble to identify the killer before the police catch wind of it and shut down the juice joint for good!

Without giving away all the secrets… here’s some info about the format of the evening.

Do I get dolled-up?
There is no pressure to dress-up, however, considering this is a murder mystery and the suspects will be playing a part, it only adds to your experience if you capture your inner flapper or tough mob guy! What the hay! Halloween is just around the corner and prizes will be awarded for best dressed, so come out and play!

The Investigation?
The cocktail party is classified as an interactive “Mingle” mystery. This means you will be up off your hiney, speaking with the Suspects and asking questions to piece together the mystery. It’s a true investigation, which means that you will have to use your noggin’ to form a theory about the killer, their motives, who had the means (ability) and who had the opportunity to commit murder. If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry. It’s actually easier than the traditional mystery party format. You don’t have to perform lines or embarrassing stunts, you just simply investigate and have fun! You will be provided with a few questions upon your arrival at the RTC CLUB. Prizes will be awarded to the investigator who solves the murder, so brush-up on your sleuthing skills!

We need you! Help The RTC Club find the killer! Purchase your tickets today! Let’s keep the cops away!

Tickets are $65 (clams). You can buy your tickets online or at the door.

Click here to buy your tickets 

As a bonus for registering and purchasing your tickets online, you will receive a special Mystery Package! It’s the Cat’s Pajamas! Contact the Ralph Thornton Centre, below, to receive your package!

*You have to be 19 years or older to purchase giggle water/alcohol.