• A studio in the Riverside neighbourhood where you can challenge your body and find real community through movement.

    We believe that strong, flexible and balanced bodies provide the ideal framework for a well-lived life. Our mission is to provide innovative and effective classes, to make fitness and mindfulness exciting, challenging and transforming and to bring people together through movement.

    FRAMEWRK classes are unique, fun, intelligent and creative to challenge traditional ideas of fitness. By offering a range of movement practices and techniques to help you tone, strengthen, build flexibility and rehabilitate your body, you’ll achieve amazing results and improve your physical and mental health, as well as your endurance and resilience.

    Let us change the way you move to change the way you think and feel.


    Check out Framewrk's latest job opportunity:

    Part Time Social Media Manager and Front Desk Manager

    We are looking for the right individual to manage our social media and work at the front desk part time. We are a fitness studio in 9 Davies and teach a variety of movement to an amazing community of inspiring people. We are looking for a pleasant, creative, responsible, trustworthy and positive individual interested in wellness and fitness to manage and grow our SM presence and create engagement and brand awareness. This is a part time position and requires some in studio time greeting and assisting customers while planning, posting and engaging with influencers. The ideal person will be customer service oriented, compassionate, reliable, punctual and able to handle small client issues while helping us define and grow our brand.

    Candidate should send thier resume to