Rivertowne Safety 1st

  • The Rivertowne Safety 1st is a resident collective comprised of Toronto Community Housing’s fabulous women-leaders, dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. They host core community programs and events such as the Rivertowne Breakfast Program (support here), Homework Club, Annual Community BBQ, Annual holiday dinner, Community clean up, Black history month celebration, Swag-G Basketball Training and the MultiCultural fair.  These initiatives, spear-headed by award-winning community resident, Joan King, and the Rivertowne Safety 1st team aim to bring people in the Rivertowne community together, creating engagement and passion.

    Rivertowne is Canada's first revitalized mixed-income community, comprising public housing, market rental housing, and condo units and Joel Weeks Park. Located in Toronto's Riverside neighbourhood, just east of the Don Valley, Rivertowne has a rich history of culture and community involvement. Since the redevelopment, Rivertowne has a long tradition of residents mobilizing to address emerging community priorities. This has led to a highly involved and animated community. Resident-led initiatives continue to reflect the spirit of leadership and community engagement.