St. John’s Bakery

  • St. John's Bakery is one of Toronto's finest and unique artisan bakeries since 2001. Our award winning Non-Profit Social Enterprise produces organic sourdough breads and sweets made with certified organic ingredients.

    Our purpose is two-fold:

    • to provide our customers with outstanding artisan breads and sweets.
    • to build an inclusive community through the gifts and the needs that each of us brings.

    Our Community is a place of healing and nourishment occurring through the awakening of the God-given dignity and value of each person, while responding to each person's needs.

    Our professional core baker’s train and mentor Toronto social service clients, refugees, single parents, people struggling with addictions, mental illness, poverty and much more.

    St. John's Bakery is a social enterprise business owned and operated by St. John's The Compassionate Mission.

    We specialize in handmade organic sourdough breads made in the traditional French method, and sweets handmade from scratch.

    We use certified organic flours and all-natural ingredients. We are striving to ensure that most of ingredients come from local suppliers.

    St John's Bakery facade