Eats & Beats raised funds for Nellie’s Shelter’s Kid’s Camp

As a charity partner for Eats & Beats Street Fest, The Riverside BIA partnered with Nellie’s Shelter for Women and Children, who were celebrating their 40th anniversary.

40th Anniversary 034

Donation tree at Munro Street


Lemonade stand at Munro Street

Among the festivities Nellie’s had a caking cutting and photo exhibition,  A Life Reclaimed by Annie Sakkab.

In addition to their anniversary celebrations, Nellie’s raised over $700 in donations during the event.  These funds will go towards supporting Nellie’s kids summer camp programs.


Rainbow making at Nellie’s Kid’s Camp

From music, art, cooking, sports, and outings around the city, children from Nellie’s shelter and community will have the opportunity to engage in social, recreational, and educational experiences they otherwise would not have.  To find out more about this summer camp program you can click here to find out more

Nellie’s is continuing to accept donations through their website: or here: donate now!