Eats & Beats + the Riverdale Art Walk = Riverside’s Art Tour

June 1st @ 1PM & 3PM, starting at the Riverside BIA Booth in Jimmie Simpson Park

Discover the artistic side of Riverside as we stroll along Queen St. East and meet Riverdale Art Walk artists displayed outside of the park, as well as community photo exhibits of the people and places of Riverside.

Join us for an amazing art experience as you walk around the Riverside community and get in touch with local artists as you walk;  you not only will witness captivating expressions of creativity, but also have the opportunity to get to know the community through community exhibitions and professional artists.

Showcasing RAW artists

Photo by Moshe Mikanovsky

Photo by Moshe Mikanovsky

In its 15th year, this two-day fine art exhibition which showcases established and emerging artists. There is a rich array of mediums being exhibited from paintings, photography, mixed media, printmaking, drawing to sculpture.

Community Exhibitions Profiled

Hand out

As part of the Art Tour, visit the Woodgreen Photo Exhibition “Hand Out.” Hand Out” is a captivating visual display of photographs taken by our community that is homeless, or has experienced living on the streets. The open hand symbolism includes attributes such as: Balance, Choice, and Justice. Depictions of an open right hand is an image that is recognized and used as a sign of protection, faith, family, blessings, power and strength in many different cultures. In this exhibition, our community photographer’s will share the objects that they hold dear to their hearts. Objects that give them faith, hope and joy.

Photo by Annie Sakkab

Photo by Annie Sakkab

A Life Reclaimed is an exhibition by Annie Sakkab on the women who have used Nellie’s Shelter for Women and Children and a part of Nellie’s 40th Anniversary Open House. A photo exhibition involving women from the shelter, “A Life Reclaimed” strives to shed light on the hidden truth of gender-based violence that affects 1 in 2 women in every society, across every class and race, at every stage of life from infancy to old age. Freezing moments of sadness and hope, it echoes the deep sense of abandonment and isolation of women forced into exile from their homes, while capturing their extraordinary resilience and the rebirth of their identity and empowerment. Women’s shelters like Nellie’s are vital harbors on this journey back to emotional and physical security.

Annie Sakkab is a documentary photographer who lives in Toronto. Born in Jordan, she has worked and resided in London, Rome, Dubai and Amman. Her documentary practice investigates socio-cultural issues and questions of identity, and seeks to raise awareness on experiences of exile, uprooting, and displacement among marginalized groups. An honors graduate in Fine Art and Graphic Design, Sakkab’s photographs have been exhibited in Canada as well as abroad. Her work Non-spaces (1993) is part of the collection of the National Gallery in Amman, Jordan. Her recent series, Projections – Ghosts of Dubai’s Boom (2010), was exhibited in a featured group exhibition in the 2013 Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, Ontario.For more information about the exhibit or to know more about Annie Sakkab visit