Here & Now – It’s a been a good ride!

It was June 2002 when Harold Seligman opened Here & Now’s doors for the first time in Riverside. The retail store was one of the first of its kind in the neighbourhood.

Harold has had other clothing stores in the 80s before spending 10 years travelling the world. When he came back in the early 2000’s he decided Riverside was the right place to start fresh.

At first, foot traffic was slow but that didn’t make him give up. Harold said to himself “I’ll try this for a year and see how it goes.” His bet paid off and as the years went on, he upgraded his merchandise, foot traffic increased and finally things went off.

Now he’s glad to see how the neighbourhood changed for the better. Harold understands that this is a new era, where online shopping is taking over the clothing retail market. At the same time, retirement is starting to sound like a good idea. So “there are a lot of signs telling me that is time to stop”, says Harold.

“It’s been a great ride on Queen East and now is time to enjoy the next chapter in my life,” says Harold.

Riverside Here & Now

Here & Now will keep its doors open until the end of June, but Harold alerts he had to restock twice in the past couple of weeks just after he put up the signs. So, this is the time to pay your last visit!

Here & Now
770 Queen St East
Tues-Sat: 11am-6pm
Sun: 12pm-4pm