Learning about Toronto’s History just got easier!

Heritage Toronto has gone digital and we couldn’t be happier. Heritage Toronto has partnered up with Driftscape to create an easy way to access and discover nearby Heritage Toronto plaques from their fingertips. The Driftscape app allows users to discover and learn about Toronto’s Heritage Plaques remotely from their devices.

Riverside Driftscape

The Driftscape app is free to download and works on both Android and iPhone devices. Driftscape has multiple content partners, including Toronto Public Library, Toronto Arts Foundation, Park People and many more. As the photo shows above, each content partner has is identified by their logo and lets you know what interesting information is available near you.

Driftscape launched in November of 2017 and is a Toronto based start-up. The app will provide you with a notification when you approach something interesting, whether that be with arts, history or culture.

Riverside Driftscape fig2

Driftscape holds up to 270 of Toronto Heritage plaques on the app, allowing for anyone nearby to discover the plaques and view media right from their device. The photo above shows that near Riverside BIA there are four Toronto Heritage Plaques including the Conboy Carriage Company. You can then click on the Toronto Heritage Logo and it will provide all of the information on the plaque, along with a photo of the plaque itself. Just as the Toronto Baseball Grounds (Sunlight Park) photo shows.

Heritage Toronto has four different types of plaques, the Century Home Plaque, Heritage Property Plaque, Commemorative Plaque and The Legacy Plaque. All plaques will be featured on the Driftscape App along with information and media on the place.

Heritage Toronto explains that Driftscape is just the first step towards their digital rejuvenation.

So next time you go for a walk around Riverside be sure to download the app and explore all of Riverside’s Heritage Plaques.