Prohibition Gastro House wins 2012 Riverside Streetscape Award of Excellence

Prohibition Gastro House Wins 2012 Riverside Streetsape Award of Excellence

Prohibition Gastro House Wins 2012 Riverside Streetscape Award of Excellence

Riverside Streetscape Committee Chair Rachel Conduit,  presented the inaugural Golden Broom – Riverside Streetscape Award of Excellence to Michael Summerfield, owner Prohibition Gastro House at 696 Queen St East in Riverside, during the Nov 2012 Riverside Annual General Meeting. Rachel accepted on Micheal’s behalf and quoted from a conversion the BIA had with Michael earlier in the year

“When we started Prohibition over 5 years ago people were very excited seeing us as a catalyst to turn the community around; attracting other like-minded businesses.  Looking back, and forward I believe we have accomplished that.

I am here 7 days a week during the day and am a huge supporter of our developing fledgling community.

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do; constantly improving and developing our Brand to embed ourselves deeper in the community as a hole in a positive manner.”

Michael Summerfield, Owner Prohibition Gastro House


Rachel explained the Streetscape Award of Excellence was established to recognize a Riverside Business who consistently goes above and beyond to beautify their store and street level presence.  She outlined Prohibition’s efforts as follows:

  • every morning – sweep sidewalks
  • weekly powerwash
  • employ security staff on weekends for crowd control
  • seasonal window displays
  • support the neighbourhood by donating helium at all BIA events + more
  • good citizen with staff  saying “hello” and “Thank-you” to BIA Maintenance Staff
  • plus more…

Rachel is a bar owner herself (Riverside’s The Avro and Kensington Market’s The Handle Bar), and having your peers recognize excellence is one of the reasons the Riverside BIA is such a special place.

Please join us in congratulation Michael and his staff at Prohibition Gastro House.