Quince Flowers: What makes them unique



When you walk into Quince Flowers is such an oasis of calm and beauty, that you’re at loath to have to step back out. Quince Flowers is fantastically community oriented, recently Owner Rosie Little, voiced the necessity of promoting Second Harvest’s Hero Campaign, which the Riverside BIA is proud to support.

Quince Flowers love flowers and the possibilities they bring to creating meaning in people’s lives.  From wedding and event floral decor to an individual gift from one friend to another, to a simple purchase to animate one’s day. Flowers do it all, say it all, and it’s all good!


 We Asked Rosie what makes her love what she does

R: “I love working with flowers! It’s a privilege for me to select our stock at market in the early morning, to prepare a special bouquet for a client, to come into work every day with wonderful staff. Not only does having my own business allow me to work at what I love, it allows me to choose who I work with!  The team at Quince Flowers is phenomenal! I’m so grateful for my excellent florists.”


What makes Quince a unique/special business in its industry?

R: “We get involved with our community, fundraising for Second Harvest, Canfar, and Porridge for Parkinson’s for example.  We volunteer time and resources to the Riverside BIA and many events throughout the city. Within our industry we participating in many floral events like Canada Blooms, Spring Awakening at the Gardiner Museum, The Wedding Room show at the Arcadian, to name a few. For a small business with a staff of just 4 full-time and 2 part-time employees we are open 7 days a week, ready to serve, as well as to sell. I think our community engagement sets us apart.”

Why do you love being in Riverside?

R: “Quince Flowers has been in business for 16 years, with locations in Queen West, Corktown, The shops at Don Mills, and at Yonge and Lawrence.  I love Riverside the best because I actually live nearby.  I can walk or bike to work, my City Councillor Paula Fletcher serves me in business as well as a householder.  The business owners of Riverside are a tight, supportive group. Lunch breaks here mean an excellent meal and conversation with many friends and neighbours. I am proud that it is a community that is inclusive.”

For Second Harvest, Quince Flowers has a selection of goodies by their cash register that are free with a five dollar donation to the cause.  This week it is Saxon Chocolates, Next week is boutique seeds!