Riverside Earth Hour Environmental ArtWalk – March 29 – 4pm

What do homing pigeons, old school chairs, the patron saint of those who grow vegetables,  and used milk cartons have in common?

 They are all part of an exhibit for Riverside Earth Hour Environmental ArtWalk – March 29th 4pm – begins @macFAB Home store – 755 Queen E

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Part of the WWF Earth Hour Community celebrations in Riverside,  Queen St East will be  transformed to a Street Gallery on March 29th.  Over a dozen established artists from the Artist Network will be on display in the shops of Riverside Businesses – Featured work has an environmental theme.  A free guided tour starts at 4pm, led by  Riverside resident and in-house Art Aficionado – Lynne Patterson.  Please join the tour  to see the art!  To whet your appetite – please read the blurbs below – listing the artist, title and description!


 Christine Walker – Oven Bird   The city of Toronto is located on a flight path used by millions of migratory birds.  It is estimated that 1- 10 million of these birds are killed annually in Toronto due to collisions with tall buildings.  Ovenbirds are one of the species most affected by these collisions.  Although steps are slowly being taken to prevent bird-building collisions, including the use of window coatings and alternative building materials, this is a problem which requires our attention and concern.

Chris Williams – Martha – the last passenger pigeon died exactly 100 years ago.  Their range included our area.  It was thought that there were too many for them ever to be wiped out.  They have become a symbol like the Dodo.  Today many more species are threatened with extinction by our actions and over-population.

 Anjuli Solanki – Mehndi Chair Red – Part of a series that repurposes chairs that would have otherwise been thrown out.  Throughout history the chair or elevated seating has played an important role as being a position of power.  Think of a throne, a talk show host chair.  These are old school chairs, which have another special form of power associated with them – the power of knowledge.  The Mehndi (also known as hennas) designs connect my personal south Asian background and are traditionally a female art.  The Design on the chair outlines the female form, interplaying dynamics of power and femininity.

Christine Walker – Beneath the Ice – Explore the vision and perception of Seals.  They have extremely good underwater vision, but less effective near-sighted vision on land.    They see well underwater partly because of a ‘tapetum’ reflecting layer behind their retina that reflects the light back, creating twice the amount of illumination.

Kevin Christopher Turner – Fighting Fire  – The second piece in a triptic  – all with a strong Natural undertone.   The other 2 pieces have been acquired.

Kevin Christopher Turner A Mistake – Also known as accidental art – rather than throwing out a mistake, it is used to make something else.  This piece had an original intent but was repurposed and reconceptionalized into an artistic piece reusing and incorporating a Christmas Decoration.

Andrew Smith – Blue/Green Palm Leaf – Leaves are food and shelter; Leaves are shade and protection; Leaves exhale oxygen and water, Leaves are life – without leaves…..

 Dominique Prince – In an abstract way, floating in the atmosphere, a vast background where green is in abundance and then in the foreground, what could happen if we ignore or challenge the nursing role that chlorophyll plays in nature.  In the end there would be nothing left, but the last remains of the blood of living beings.

Janet f. potter – Sewing Times – Windows of Sewing Machines partial transferred onto treated Sewn Milk Carton Paper.  Janet will be exhibiting and running a workshop on how to create this Sewn Milk Carton Paper at Dimensions Framing from 4 – 6pm on March 29th – as part of the Riverside Earth Hour Celebrations.

Irja Ketola – Spring Thaw – Rushing waters breaking through patches of winter’s memories.  All the dirty little secrets soon washed away leaving, hopefully , pristine open vistas with new promises and better tomorrows.  Every spring, same thing.  But always new and exciting.  Simply Amazing.

Rana Mausher – Cherry Blossoms – Symbolizes the immense beauty of nature and life, and the transition of seasons and environments that allow the blossoms to bloom on many different trees every Spring.  “Cherry Blossoms” reflects the theme of environmental stewardship by reminding us the importance of sustaining our natural resources and the moral responsibility we have in saving trees that produce beautiful flowers and fruits for us to enjoy annually.  Mother Nature has presented us with many beautiful and natural gifts to fulfill our lives with beauty, colour and meaning – and it is up to us to embrace these gifts.

Micheline Beaulie – Sourire – The flower, a symbol of beauty is also man’s useful partner in the constant endeavor to achieve a healthy environment

Salomon Khammi  – “Nagagmi” – Part of Earth Servies, after seeing photographs of depleted and pulled waters sources that were taken from above.  These works fit with the theme of Earth Hour since it is a time for us to evaluate how our actions affect our planet.  Taking care of our water resources is imperative.  I hope my painting bring attention to this matter.

Norman Irwin – Saint Fiacre – Born in Ireland at the end of the 6th century.  St. Fiacre is most renowned as the patron saint of those who grow vegetables and medicinal plants, or gardening in general.  Fiacre is an ancient pre-Christian name from Ireland.  To celebrate the Millennium at the Irish National Study in ?County Kildare in Ireland, a garden was opened in 1999 and commemorates the Patron Saint of Gardeners – St. Fiacre.

Ruth Gillson – Paris – While travelling through Paris on foot and by public transit, seeing and photographing the remarkable sites, in celebration of the earthy texture and rustic tones of Paris’ classic iron work.


Free for all  – Click here to Register