Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery Showcasing Wendy Lu’s Artwork

The Transformation of Portraits, Landscapes & Technologies

January 12 to February 24, 2019

9 am to 9 pm, Monday through Sunday, free to enter

Looking for a free thing to do inside on a chilly winter day? Check out the Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery’s new exhibit featuring artist Wendy Lu. Wendy Lu is a Hard of Hearing, Taiwan born, Toronto-based multimedia artist and designer who graduated with Specialized Honours from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. Wendy lost her hearing as an infant and has undergone brain surgery and three cochlear implant surgeries since then. Wendy’s visualizations attempt to depict analogues of perceptual difference, including drop-outs, disconnects and scrambling artifacts, based on her lived experience aurally negotiating and interpolating in communication with others.

Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery

The colourful exhibit includes a range of acrylic and coloured pencil artwork that is done on both canvas and paper. The artwork is a visual thought experiment that works to explore and creatively expand on a range of references and concepts. Wendy’s art evokes a sense of reverence in viewers/participants toward our interactions and adaptations of technological structures within our collective society.

Love, Hope and Peace – Wendy Lu

Group Portrait – Wendy Lu

Wendy Lu’s artwork will be on display at the Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery from January 12th to February 24th. The gallery is free to enter and can be accessed through the second and third floor of the Ralph Thornton Community Centre. If you are interested in learning more about the Saulter Street Stairwell Gallery’s upcoming shows and about the space be sure to check out the Ralph Thornton Centre website.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork feel free to contact the Riverside BIA or the Ralph Thornton Centre for more information.