Welcome to Riverside: Diamond Muay Thai and Fitness

Toronto’s Riverside has gained a new spot to help you kick some workout butt! Diamond Muay Thai and Fitness is a new gym located at 740 Queen Street East, just a few blocks from Queen and Broadview.

It’s a training studio that strives to bring art, sport, hobby, lifestyle and fitness into a collaborated movement that can align with individual needs. They offer beginner to advanced lessons in traditional Muay Thai, Boxing, Strength, Conditioning and Movement classes. Open to men and women of all ages and skill level, Diamond Muay Thai allows students to practice in a private, semi-private or group environment.

Co-founder Ashli Bain of Diamond Muay Thai shared “[we] started off as a group of friends that were passionate about the sport – Muay Thai. Varying from different experiences of training, competing and collaborating around the world within the Sport, we now look to share it on a bigger scope with a home base in the Riverside community.”

So why did Diamond Muay Thai choose to set up shop in Riverside? “Aside from already spending a lot of personal time in Riverside, it has always been that one place in the city that felt like a Community, and Community has always been our #1 vision behind Diamond Muay Thai. We couldn’t be more excited about finally bringing our passion of Muay Thai, Health and Fitness to the Riverside community. We hope everyone gets a chance to experience it for themselves,” said Ashli

Check out their unique programs:

Muay Thai

Known as the national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai mixes various techniques of using eight points of contact–fists, elbows, knees and shins. While it runs deep in the culture of Thailand, Muay Thai is expanding its roots through its recognition as an Olympic Sport.

For children, Diamond Muay Thai offers a Little Gems Program. With a focus on determination, Little Gems seeks to develop physical skills such as balance and self-defense, as well as life skills such as self-confidence + discipline, conflict resolution and team work. Children are also exposed to the cultural history of Thailand, increasing their awareness of foreign traditions. With this program, every little gem will be prepared for the real world!


Noted as an organized sport since ancient Greece, Boxing utilizes various techniques with hands, stance, movement, coordination and defense. Exciting both to watch and perform, Boxing is a sport of engagement.


MovCon is the studio’s Movement Conditioning program. Stemming from various theories of Natural Movement, Self-Care Movement, Yoga and Gymnastics, MovCon promotes strength, challenge and function in all movement-based practices, further inspiring its students to be active and feel better. Diamond Muay Thai’s goal is to build the foundation for a natural body and movement education that transfers outside the four walls of the gym.

Don’t forget to visit their website to receive a free one week trial and class schedule, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!